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Welcome to a new era of Property Management in Etobicoke. At the heart of Skyscraper1 LTD, the specialized Property Management division of my real estate service, I’m leading the way in transforming how properties are managed across Toronto and especially here, in Etobicoke. If you haven’t yet heard how I’m making waves, it’s high time we changed that.

Why Choose Marta for Property Management?
Choosing the right partner for Property Management is crucial, and in Etobicoke, my name stands out. With a robust track record, I bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Let’s dive into how my approach sets your property apart.

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Marta Pozniakowski

Our Services: Tailored to Etobicoke’s Needs

Marta Pozniakowski | Etobicoke Real Estate Agent

Condo Property Management
Understanding the unique culture of condo living in Etobicoke is key. My approach ensures your tenants are more than just occupants; they’re part of the community. Our meticulous tenant screening goes beyond credit checks, ensuring harmonious living for everyone.

Commercial Property Management
The commercial landscape is evolving, and so are your needs. My seasoned touch keeps landlords ahead, ensuring properties thrive. With my extensive experience, I manage every facet, from tenant relations to building maintenance.

Residential & Rental Management
From seamless rent collection to unmatched support, I manage your residential properties as if they were my own. Ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your tenants, my in-depth understanding of Etobicoke’s real estate market makes it happen.

Townhouse Property Management
Luxury and comfort define Etobicoke’s townhouses. I ensure they remain the sought-after homes tenants dream of. My team and I understand what it takes to attract and retain the best renters.

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Skyscraper1 LTD: A Name You Trust

Marta Pozniakowski | Toronto Real Estate Agent

Skyscraper1 LTD: A Name You Trust
Skyscraper1 LTD isn’t just any Property Management division; it’s the embodiment of my commitment to excellence in real estate. Our services go beyond expectations, making owning rental properties in Etobicoke a breeze.

Making a Mark in Etobicoke
Etobicoke’s vibrant real estate market demands a knowledgeable guide, and that’s where I come in. Navigating this landscape with finesse, I help property owners make informed decisions that maximize rental potential.

Pricing Made Simple
Understanding the costs associated with Property Management is straightforward with us. Here’s how we structure our fees to ensure transparency and value for every property owner in Etobicoke:

Management Fees:
Residential Property
up to 10 Units $500/month.
11-20 Units $1000/month.

– Maintenance Fee: $45/hour 
–  Project Management: $60/hour 

Ready to enhance your property’s potential?
Let’s achieve outstanding results together.

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Marta’s Property Management in Etobicoke.

Meet Marta

If you’re searching for a highly knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent in Etobicoke, look no further!

Discover Property Management with Marta in Etobicoke.

Investing During Recession

Investment caution is key, yet Toronto condos offer notable advantages for investors during recessions.

Ready to Elevate Your Property Management Experience?

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto for sale By Marta

Etobicoke property owners, it’s time to step into the future of Property Management. Contact me now and discover the difference that dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate service can make. Let’s turn your property into the success story it deserves to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got questions? I’ve got answers
From the benefits Etobicoke property owners enjoy to why my services are a cut above, let’s clear up any queries you may have.

What Advantages Do Property Owners in Etobicoke Gain?
Experience a full array of services, encompassing tenant screening, preparation of legal documents, credit and background checks, maintenance, cleaning, and beyond. At Skyscraper1 LTD, we manage all aspects, allowing landlords to unwind and remain worry-free.
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Why Opt for Skyscraper1 LTD in Etobicoke?
Select Skyscraper1 LTD because our adept team grasps the essentials needed to excel in Ontario’s rental market. With a commitment to lasting relationships, we dedicate our seasoned expertise to your success.

Ready to take the next step towards your real estate goals?
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Your specialist in Etobicoke property management.

My father always believed in real estate. My own passion for real estate started at home and it wasn’t long before I became interested in property ownership and investment. From a young age, I knew I wanted real estate to be my career. Now, I wake up every morning thrilled to help my clients sell their homes at the highest possible price and find homes that fulfill their every dream (and budget).


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