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Pre-Construction Condos Toronto For Sale

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Simple collaboration to big transition. Selling? Buying? Renting? Building?

When it comes to real estate, any given situation can have a hundred moving parts that must all come together for the perfect deal and the perfect timing. As you transition from one property to another, you need the right partner in your corner. From the moment we shake hands, I am a communicator and collaborator who always keeps you informed and who wants to work with you every step of the way.

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto for Sale
Marta Pozniakowski

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto For Sale

Marta Pozniakowski | Toronto Real Estate Agent

NorthCore Condos

Pre-Construction Condo Toronto For Sale

north york


A Higher Quality of Living

A new luxury boutique building in North York, in the vibrant Yonge and Sheppard area.  Location is more than superior, with the Yonge subway line right at the doorstep. NorthCore Condos will feature 14 floors and 192 units to choose from. Each of which has a fantastic view. This building is designed with modern influences as well as a luxurious feel.

Fronting on Bogert Avenue, 53 Sheppard Avenue West Condo will also consist of 10 townhouse suites. A mixed-use building with retail space on the ground floor along Sheppard Avenue. The third level will incorporate the amenities. Albert Standing Park, located directly across from the building, the opposite side of Bogert Avenue, will provide residents open views and green space for enjoyment.

You won’t find another building like 53 Sheppard West Condo in North York. 

Starting from $700’s

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Investing During Recession

Investment caution is key, yet Toronto condos offer notable advantages for investors during recessions.

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto

Condos are a lifestyle

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto for sale by Marta

Many people are thinking condos today as a housing solution. Condos appeal to people who want cheaper accommodation, especially when compared to single-unit houses.

Tourists wanting to feel the community and locality prefer condos as they associate more with locals. As an antidote to boredom, retirees prefer condos to single-unit houses as they feel the buzzing city life and frequent encounter with other people.

Why Invest in Toronto?

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto for sale By Marta

Real Estate experts say Toronto doesn’t have enough condos to house the projected growth. Just think of that fact! Housing in Toronto would never go out of demand as hundreds of thousands move into the city every year. Now that is a  good reason to invest in Toronto. When you talk long term value, you’d never go wrong investing in Condos in Toronto.

Unlike single homes, you are not responsible for the exterior maintenance of your condo. You don’t have to reply on tenants to ensure your lawns are regularly mowed. That takes a lot of burden off from investors and retirees and that is another reason to invest in Condos.

If you love pleasure, condos can be your vacation home as you say goodbbye to hotel rents and certain tax.

Toronto, learn more about what opportunities are knocking on your door!

Pre-Construction Condo Toronto
Pre-Construction-Condos-Toronto-For Sale

Why Invest in Pre-Construction

Pre-Construction Condos Toronto for sale by Marta

Investing in condominiums is a good choice, investing in pre-construction condo is an even smarter move and for very obvious reasons. Pre-construction condos are condos under construction and this leads to an obvious reason why it is a smart choice to invest at that stage.

For one thing, it is much cheaper than an already made and fully completed building. So you get to pay less for obviously more. Another reason to make the choice to invest at the pre-construction stage is that the price will definitely appreciate. So if you plan to sell later on, you can be sure of a good profit. Most pre-construction condos offer added perks and incentives. They are just to attract potential buyers and investors but would definitely be yours as soon as you sign the deal.

We would tell you to carefully consider your developer. See evidence that you can trust where you are putting your money. Evidences that we are willing to provide. When investing in pre-construction condos think long term.

It is definitely a bright future investing in pre-construction condos in Toronto.

I’m a Toronto real estate broker with the knowledge, expertise and approachability you expect.

My father always believed in real estate. My own passion for real estate started at home and it wasn’t long before I became interested in property ownership and investment. From a young age, I knew I wanted real estate to be my career. Now, I wake up every morning thrilled to help my clients sell their homes at the highest possible price and find homes that fulfill their every dream (and budget).


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